The Game

Are you ready to riddle?


Are you ready to riddle?

livebreakout – Will you work out the room or will it give you a work-out?

Click! The door closes. Now you are alone…. all alone! And your unique adventure is about to start!
Without any outside help, you have to explore our breakout room with your team and prove that you are skillful, creative, and able to work in a team. Behind a number of tricky hideaways and secret doors, you can find useful items, helpful signs and promising hints, which you need to combine and solve. The constant “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…” will keep reminding you that you only have 60 minutes to solve all the riddles to regain your freedom.
Will you accept the challenge? Then here we go! Book your tickets now for a live escape room at livebreakout in Zurich and let the big adventure begin!
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
Our games and puzzles are rated through 5 out of 5 points by our customers on the platform TripAdvisor. We say “thanks” and are happy as well as proud that we have received the certificate of excellence 2017!

livebreakout – Disclose a secret!

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