Frequently Asked Questions

How does “livebreakout” work? I have no idea what to expect.
We didn’t write a lot about it on our website on purpose - otherwise you would know too much and it wouldn’t be as much fun anymore. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: You will be part of a real-life escape game for groups. You will be part of a story in the breakout room, which you need to solve through logic and puzzles. You only have 60 minutes for this. The rest will remain a secret for now.
Which occasions are good for livebreakout?
Livebreakout is great for a number of different occasions. This fun adventure can be part of a birthday party, a pre-wedding party or a bachelor’s party, or simply an alternative thing to do in your free time. Of course you can also come to livebreakout as part of your company’s team building measure.
How many people should there be in a group for a breakout room?
The group should have 2-6 people per room. It is a little more difficult for two people to solve everything; however, it is not impossible. The group dynamics increase the more people there are. The necessary communication and coordination of the tasks adds another challenge to the game, however, it also adds more fun. For great fun and the ideal breakout experience, we recommend a group of 4-5 people.
Is it possible to play in groups of more than 6 people?
If the group has 7-12 people, it is possible to play a so-called duel in certain breakout rooms. During a duel, two teams of 3-6 people each play against each other. team A starts in the middle of the breakout room and has to solve the riddle before team B, which starts at the beginning of the breakout room, manages to catch up with team A. After a short break for rearranging the room, the teams start again on opposite sides. This way, every person gets to play the entire room. In addition to the time pressure of 60 minutes, you are under pressure not to let the other team catch up with yours. Of course, we make sure that neither team knows how far the other one has advanced so that the maximum riddle experience is guaranteed for both groups.
Who can play? Are there age restrictions?
Not at all. The concept, the riddles and the room interior are all aimed at young and older adults. If you still carry around youthful curiosity and are interested in experiencing something new, then livebreakout is just right for that. Nonetheless, the little members of our society can also join the fun at livebreakout: When accompanied by an adult, those curious below the age of 14 can also take part.
What happens if we don’t solve the riddle within the given time?
Then all the lights will go off and if nobody misses you, you will be stuck in the room for quite a while. Nah, seriously: Should you not manage to solve everything and leave the room within 60 minutes, we will let you back out. Fun at the game and the riddles is invariably the most important point at livebreakout. The success rate may not be 100% but you will have the opportunity to give it another try some time, either in the same or in a different room.
Is livebreakout dangerous or creepy?
Our breakout rooms are neither dangerous nor creepy. When we lock you up into an unknown room, the last thing we want is for you to be scared or feel uncomfortable. As long as you follow the rules explained at the beginning, the breakout rooms are not any more dangerous than a visit to a restaurant, but far more exciting. We want you to be able to leave your daily life behind, feel comfortable and have fun doing authentic riddles when you come to our rooms, which have been lavishly and tenderly designed.
Do I need to have any experience or do I need to prepare for it?
No, don’t worry. The rules are quite simple and will be explained before you enter the room. Since you will be working in a team, everyone will contribute their strengths so you can solve all riddles and tasks.
How can I register the team?
In order to make a reservation, you first need to choose the room and then click on the book now button.
Can I just come by spontaneously?
Unfortunately not. You have to make an online reservation so we can hold and prepare the room for you. Online reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the desired time slot. However, you can always send a message inquiring about last-minute availability.
How much does a breakout room cost?
The current prices will be shown as soon as you have picked a room and a date. This price will be the price per person. General rule: the more people participate, the cheaper it will be per person.
Can we take pictures home of our adventure?
After the 60 minutes are over, photos will be taken of the group and (if agreed) published on our Facebook page. You can then download the picture from there. Additionally, you can contact us via email so that we can send you the picture directly.
Are there any reviews of previous participants?
You can see reviews of previous groups on TripAdvisor as well as on our Facebook page, allowing you to get an opinion.
In case of an emergency
The door through which we bring you into the room remains unlocked and can be opened from inside and outside by pressing the handle. You can leave the room at any time in case of an emergency.
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