One team

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

Ken Blanchard

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

Team building

The demands on your employees are constantly increasing in the fast paced world of business. Therefore many companies are now beginning to move away from traditional training techniques and focus on inter-divisional teamwork. This means in particular, that employees are encouraged to communicate and cooperate across workplaces, departments and resorts in order to achieve goals. It is almost impossible to maintain purposeful and successful cooperation without distinctive team- and communication skills of all employees.

This is where we come in: our popular team building events are action packed and exciting. It is a unique experience that your employees will remember long after their visit. To successfully escape from our breakout room communication, trust and organisation are the keys to success, as well as logical and creative thinking. Precisely the same qualities we are all looking to improve on in the workplace. Give your team the opportunity to escape their familiar work environment and take the next step towards improving themselves.

Below you will find selected skills that are particularly well developed in the context of a team building event at livebreakout.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss custom options for your personal event, you can contact us via the contact form or by phone: +41 77 421 47 02. We will provide you with our ideas and suggestions and discuss further details with you.

What to expect from livebreakout

Thinking outside the box

In order to solve the tricky puzzles it is necessary to escape from everyday thinking and to think outside the box. The game promotes not only combination and problem-solving skills, but also reveals previously hidden talents of the team members within the group. This strengthens the self-confidence of the individual and allows you to take a more active role in the team.


You and your team will discover a plethora of riddles and clues within the breakout rooms. You will only successfully escape the room when all the clues and information are shared openly and effectively within your team. This extraordinary game situation, which must be mastered under time pressure, brings new impulses in each team, thus improving considerably the communication and teamwork within your company.


Just like the workplace itself, teamwork is the key to success in Live Breakout. Only by working together to achieve the goals will your team have a chance at escaping. The skills worked on in the room can then be successfully transferred back to the workplace.


Attentive listening is the basis of all effective communications. Only when hierarchies are set aside, and each team member is allowed to bring its own contribution, will the team as a whole be successful. This important aspect promotes acceptance of each team member in live breakout in addition to the daily work in your company.


The clock is ticking down relentlessly and formerly trusted notes turn out to be a dead end. Only if the team now believes in itself and never loses faith will it manage to escape. Even if there are only seconds left on the clock. Your team takes the gained cohesion and belief in their own ability back into your business with increased levels of motivation and stamina.

Leadership Potential

A team without purposeful leadership has a hard time. If a project is lacking a clear focus towards a target, it needs a leader who takes the initiative to specify the direction. With the help of our breakout rooms, you can see which team member's hidden leadership qualities and communication qualities shine through to achieve the overall goal: to escape.