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During a relaxing forest walk, you and your friends came across a hut deep inside the forest. Without further consideration, you entered the hut – with dire consequences: The resident and woodsman has overpowered you and put you in a dark and barely furnished cell. There is nothing there that could help you, except for a few lamps. Will you manage to escape in time before the poacher comes back to kill you in cold blood?
Your team consists of two to six people. The goal is to find hints, discover connections and use your skillfulness to find a way back to freedom within 60 minutes.

Since we constantly prepare the breakout room for you anew, reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the desired time. No online reservations can be made after that point. Of course you can always contact us via the contact form and ask about last-minute availability on the same day.

One reservation is for approximately 80 minutes (10 minute introduction, 60 minute adventure and 10 minute debriefing.) Please be on time, 10 minutes early is even better.

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2 Participants 45 CHF p.P
3 Participants 40 CHF p.P
4 Participants 35 CHF p.P
5 Participants 33 CHF p.P
6 Participants 30 CHF p.P
7-12 Participants 250 CHF
Fr. 12 Participants upon request
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